Psychotherapy & Psychoanalysis


All healing begins with talking. That is the premise of psychotherapy. When people come into therapy, they often can’t define precisely what is wrong. They may feel depressed or anxious, they may be having difficulty in relationships, or they may just not feel comfortable in their daily lives. And they often feel stupid for not knowing why they feel bad. 

Psychoanalysts believe that the causes of this kind of pain and suffering  lie in the unconscious mind and don’t become clear until people begin to talk. Talking helps to unearth buried conflicts  and move them closer to the surface. Once the nature of the problem is revealed, it is easier to make good choices.

Nobody who comes into therapy is able to say everything right away. It takes time to feel comfortable in a relationship with a therapist. The therapist’s job is to create a safe space in which people can explore their feelings with the goal of living a full life.